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Langruth News 2005

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Jan, 2005

Langruth Views: 
1. New Years Challenge; Big Bike raises $3,000; Langruth Centurion Celebrates-Einarson; Hunter Safety Course; Hockey 
2. Senior's News and Birthday Wishes: Jackson, Lasson, Wilson, Einarson; Nature Notes by Raymond O'Connor - Boxing Day Bird Count; Church News
3. News from Here, There and Anywhere-by Teri Soos: Puddicombe, Poschenrieder, Holmes, Rinn
4. News cont'd: Robertshaw, Wild, Matthews 
5. News from Melodie in South Korea 
6. News from Melodie cont'd 
7. RCMP Amaranth Policing News - Oct 1st to Nov 30th, 2004: dead deer on Highway, burnt car recovered, etc
8. RCMP News cont'd: stolen quad, etc
9. RCMP News cont'd: suspicious truck, break and enter 
10. Calendar of Events 

Portage Herald Leader:  Kinosota Trail Emergency Medical Services (EMS) station valuable resource for RHA  Gudrun Einarson celebrated her 100th birthday on Jan 11  Public Notice - weed and brush control 

Winnipeg Free Press:  Obituary - Kay Goodmanson 

 Feb, 2005

Langruth Views:
1. Winter Surfing in Langruth (Internet access); LICDC Annual General Meeting; Sharon Arksey New Excecutive Director; Pre-School Program
2. CFAN Computer Use Policy; Municipal News: Barb Hill resigns, Ron Brown new CAO; Dog Handler and Six Officers Requested for Westlake Detachment; New Laptop for RM; 8 and Under Rec Hockey-Kevin Johnson teaches
3. Tom Teichroeb New 14 and Under Coach; Richard Callander coaches older team; Thank You-Caskey family; School Breakfast Program; Senior News: Paul Oswald, Wally Armstrong, Noreen Oswald, Lil Wilson, Raymond O'Connor; Catherine (Kay) Goodmanson Obituary
4. Nature Notes by Raymond O'Connor - Bohemian Waxwing; Church News; News from Here and There - Teri Soos
5. News from Here and There
6. Melodie in South Korea
7. Melodie in South Korea - cont'd
8. Bingo committee needs callers; Autopac ad; Legion ad
9. Descendants of Katrin Eyjolfsdottir (1758-1815) and Porleifur Gudmundsson (1763-1833)
10. Langruth Community Calendar - February 2005

Portage Herald Leader:

March, 2005

Langruth Views:
1. Circus Coming to Langruth; CFAN Computer Course; Metis Entertainer to Perform at Langruth Elementary School; Kinosota Trail Game & Fish
2. Wayne and Mossann Reed would like to announce they have a granddaughter; Senior News: Birthdays-Kristin Arksey, Freda Emberly, George and Elfreda (nee Olson) Jorgenson celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary; Feeding Behaviour of Owls-Raymond O'Connor 
3. Church News: Rev Gilbertson; Eumenical Events-Pancake Supper; United Church; News from Here, there and Anywhere-by Teri Soos: Art Johnson,Einar Sigurdson, Marg Soos, Ken Callander, Pete Tkachyk, Freda Emberly, Joe and Velma Verb, Sharon Arksey, Jane Wilson 
4. News cont'd: Darrel and Dee Dee Armstrong, Lyle Oswald, Betty and Paul Oswald, Larry Harjadene, Wally Bjarnason; News from Melodie in South Korea 
5. News from Melodie cont'd; RCMP Policing News 
6. Policing News cont'd 
7. Policing News cont'd 
8. Policing News cont'd; Ads... 
9. Livestock Equipment: Calf puller, etc 
10. Langruth Community Calendar - March 2005 

Portage Herald Leader:  Obituary: Ann Lou Raincock (1941-2005)  Obituary: Robert James (Bob) McLaughlin (1926-2005)  Langruth woman given probation for break-in  Obituray: Florence Jean Olson  Bullying lesson upsets parents - Vereb  Obituary: Elsie Isfeld (nee Werstuik) 

Winnipeg Free Press: Teacher under scrutiny for turning tables on tormentors 

April, 2005

Langruth Views: 
1. Carnival a Success; LICDC; Hunter Course; Family Fun Day Fishing Results
2. Langruth Trumpet Talent: Michelle Huyber, Theresa Thordarson; Yard Sale; PAC Parent Adviory Council; Langruth Views price increase; Senior News
3. Baby Shower for Margaret Vuignier and Sophia; Elsie Isfeld; Florence Olson; Langruth Legion Meat Draw; CFAN Literacy Event; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor- White Breasted Nuthatch; Church News
4. Langruth UCW (United Church Workers) Report - Kathy Grant, Rena Arksey
5. News from Here, There and Anywhere - Julie Kelemen, Henrietta Kleemola, Rita Organ, Don and Elaine Smith, Joe and Lydia Johnson
6. News cont'd - Jack and Betty Oliver move to Portage, Ann Raincock, Elsie Isfeld, Ruby Hall
7. Melodie in South Korea
8. Melodie cont'd; Sofia Elizabeth Czeranko; RCMP Amaranth News Feb 1-28, 2005
9. RCMP news cont'd; Lakeview Initiatives; Langruth View Subscription cost
10. Langruth Calendar April 2005 - PAC, Council, Fire Dept, LICDC, etc.

Portage Herald Leader:

May, 2005

  Langruth Views:
1. Where There's Smoke There's Fire: Langruth Curling Rink burns; Annual Yard Sale
2. Lakeview Council News: Curfew; Road number changes; RCMP Amaranth News; Senior News; Big Point Cemetery; Lakeland Cemetery
3. Langruth Cemetery; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Long-eared Owl; Name the Bird Contest: Blue Heron
4. Mother's Day Tea; Church News; Jim Warburton, Irene Koldyk; Thank you for the baby shower-Margaret Vuignier
5. Langruth Elementary School News by Heather Manns: Trevor Bjarnarson, Stephanie Jackson, Christel Wilson; Good-bye to Marilyn and Dan Nazar; 4-H Achievement; News From Here, There and Anywhere: Ola Czeranko, Henrietta Kleemola, Florence Jackson
6. News (cont'd): Aaron Armstrong, Lyle and Lana Armstrong, Norman and Elsie Einarson, meteor sonic boom
7. News (cont'd): Wayne Organ; News from Melodie in South Korea
8. News from Melodie cont'd
9. Addingham Nurseries ad
10. Langruth Community Calendar - May 2005

Portage Herald Leader:

June, 2005

Langruth Views:
1. Langruth July 30th Sports Day-2005; Lakeview Children's Centre 15th Anniversary
2. Carla Jonasson Crowned Provincial Queen-T.O.P.S.; Decoration Day Ceremony June 5th
3. Jim and Brenda Meikle; Chris Johnson and Tara Meikle married; Doctor Aaron Jason Arm; Senior News
4. Name the Bird Contest; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Green Winged Teal; Church News; Lauren Elizabeth Armstrong (parents: Lana Clouston and Lyle Armstrong)
5. Summer student employment; News from Here, There and Everywhere: Wade and Vanessa Raincock tea
6. Norman Arnason and Rhonda Gladue; Bradley Anderson; News cont'd
7. News cont'd
8. Marilyn and Dan Nazar; News from Melodie in South Korea
9. Langruth Cemetery Needs Your Help; Melodie cont'd
10. Melodie cont'd; Delta Marsh Fish Fry
11. Langruth Calendar - June 2005

    Portage Herald: 

    July, 2005

    Langruth Views:
    1. Wade and Vanessa Raincock; Langruth Sports Day on July 30th
    2. July 30th Sports Day Events
    3. More July 30th Sports Day Events; Linda Church; Senior News
    4. I Like Being Old - by Henrietta Kleemola; Langruth Ridge Riders 4-H
    5. Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - White Pelican; Church News; Lakeview Children's Centre Celebrates 15th Anniversary; News From Here, There, and Anywhere -by Teri Soos
    6. News cont'd: Dorothy Magnusson Koss, Leonard and Heather Arksey, Ron Puddicombe passes away, Dustin Poschenrieder, Jenny Cooper, Bjorg Halldorson, Florence Jackson, Leona Carson, Inez Rinn
    7. School News-Awards Day: Keaton Arksey, Trevor Bjarnarson, Jayme Egilson, Keith Hackewich, Kylynn Hill, Jordan Jackson, Stephanie Jackson, Kelsey Jensen, Kevin Wild; News from Melodie in South Korea
    8. Melodie cont'd
    9. Doctor Aaron Jason Armstrong
    10. Social Evening - Tara Meikle, Chris Johnson
    11. Langruth Community Calendar July 2005

    Portage Herald Leader:

    August, 2005

    Langruth Views:
    1. Langruth Elks; Legion sponsors petting zoo; Rickshaw Challenge; Slow Pitch; Langruth Sports Day 
    2. Langruth Sports Day Events-2005 
    3. Blindfolded Riding Lawn Mower Races; Senior News; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Upland Sandpiper; Reunion News-started in 1946 or completed in 1958-Haroldine Webb 
    4. Monster Madness Mudd Bogg 
    5. Reunion Getaway: a) RCMP Veteran's, b) Sam Steele Days and Sweetheart Reunion-Cranbrook, c) Saskatchewan 100th Centennial Year in Avonlea -by Wayne Organ; News From Here, There and Anywhere
    6. News cont'd: Rhonda Gladue, Norman Arnason, Michael Schmidt, Milly Dell, Susan Kjartanson, Charlotte Ninen, Dan Wilson 
    7. News from Melodie in South Korea 
    8. Langruth Annual Fall Fair - 2005 
    9. Langruth Legion tender for Stewart; Dr Melivin G. McInnis 
    10. Memorial Service for Wally Bjarnarson; Norma and Rhonda Arnason 
    11. Langruth Community Calendar-Aug,2005 

    Portage Herald Leader:

      Sept, 2005

      Langruth Views:
      1. Langruth Sports Day a Success; Class Reunion - Grade 1 in 1946: Marlene Johanson, Brian Einarson, Tony Czeranko, Allan Thompson, Haraldine Magnusson Webb, Myrtle Hyndman Kardash, Kris Arnason, Robert Johannson 
      2. Senior News; Church News 
      3. Sponsors of Langruth Sports Day 
      4. Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-The Great Crested Flycatcher; News From Here and There; Caitlin Arksey; Marg Soos 
      5. Dean William Rosling, Bruce and Cheryl; News cont'd 
      6. News cont'd: Johannson Reunion, Bosworth Reunion, Wally Bjarnarson, Charlene Nixon; Gordon and Verla Reed 50th Wedding Anniversary, Pat Connell, Les Beaulieu 
      7. News cont'd 
      8. News from Melodie in South Korea 
      9. News from Korea cont'd 
      10. MUDD Bogg in Langruth, Sept 4th, 2005. 
      11. Langruth Community Calendar Sept 2005 

      Portage Herald Leader:

      Oct, 2005

      Langruth Views:
      1. Award Winning Fall Fair: Viola Wild, Barbara Jackson, Ola Czeranko, Inez Rinn; Terry Fox Run 
      2. The Langruth Mudd Bogg 2005 results 
      3. Sigurdson Family Gathers for Reunion: Skapti and Runa Sigurdson; CFAN News; Bullying Workshop 
      4. Jim and Karen Oliver; Senior News: Pete Tkachyk, Louis Kelemen, Sheila Sepke, Arni Symesko, Leonard Arksey, Raymond O'Connor; Ring-Billed Gull by Raymond O'Connor; Church News: Fall Supper 
      5. Church News cont'd; News from Here, There, and Anywhere by Teri Soos: Gerald Arksey, George and Lieta Boivin, Bob Hyndman 
      6. News cont'd: Viola Trelemberg, Clifford and Sheila Sepke, Leona Carson and Walter Witt have passed away, Joe Soos; School News: Book Fair, Council Elections; Wellness Fair 

      7. Upcoming Langruth School Events; Langruth Students Excel at WMCI Awards Day: Michelle Huyber, April Callander, Kaitlin Wild; CMYS Performance 
      8. Christmas Shopping: Craft Fair, Nov 19, 2005; Langruth Legion Branch #162 annual Banquet; Langruth Centennial Fast Approaches 
      9. News from Melodie in South Korea 
      10. Big Grass Marsh Community Foundation Information Session; Obituary: Patricia (Pat) Mildred Connell (Chappell) 
      11. Recycle Trailer Information 
      12. Langruth Community Calendar October 2005: Fall Supper Oct 2 

      Portage Herald Leader:

      Nov, 2005

      Langruth Views:
      1. Community Canvas Underway; Building for our Future: Big Grass Community Foundation Inc.; R.M. Custom Rates Increase; Legion 
      2. Get Ready to Blast-Annual Christmas Lighting; Game and Fish Banquet; Autopac; Langruth Craft Sale 
      3. T.O.P.S.-Take Off Pounds Sensibly; Senior News, Sheila Sepke, Rena Arksey; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-Gray Partridge 
      4. Church News; Gudrun Einarson Service; Christmas Tea and Bazaar; News from Seven Regions Pallative Care Program 
      5. Taxes Go Down in Langruth 
      6. News from Here, There and Anywhere-by Teri Soos: Armstrong, Bohm, Arksey, Huyber, Kelemen, Einarson, Soos, Post, Lasson 
      7. News cont'd: Emily Thompson, Steve Huyber, Vi Wild, Ada Thompson, Cliff Sepke, Gordon Reed, Ernie Soos, Marsha Soos, Frank Mak, Olivia Arnason Tomasson, Isaac Wiebe, Noah Beaulieu; News From Melodie in South Korea 
      8. Name the Bird Contest 
      9. Ad: 7-L Livestock Equipment Ltd. 
      10. Langruth Community Calendar - November 2005 

      Logberg: Langruth Boys Make front page for Höfn 

      Portage Herald Leader:

      Dec, 2005

      Langruth Views:

      1. Hot Time in the Town Friday Night; Craft Sale a Success; Christmas Concert Schedule; Game and Fish Banquet; CCIA Tag Helps REturn Prodigal Calf 
      2. Municipal News; Veterinary Board Report; Delegations; Council Signs Letter of Intent Regarding Hollywood Beach; Council Gives Grant; Council Stays Demolition (of Hotel); 2006 Standing Committees Named 
      3. Holiday Reading; Langruth Celebrating 100 Years; Hall Rental Rates; Name the Bird 
      4. Senior News; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor-Hairy Woodpecker; Church News 
      5. Church Activities 
      6. Where Have All of the Graduates Gone: Shannon Huyber, Aaron Brown, Danny Keleman, Miles Jackson; News from Here, There and Anywhere 
      7. News cont'd: Gudrun Einarson, Anna Arksey, Lillian "Sanford" Gallagher, Alphonse Leclerc, Owen Bott, Ed RinnEyvi and Leeann Smith, Jennifer Emberly, Wanda Olson, Harley Arksey, Mary Vereb Arksey, Lorraine Post, Phyllis Thordarson 
      8. Get Well Teri (Soos); School News: Concert, Pennies for the Poor, Vision Screening; Sports Report; News from Melodie in South Korea 
      9. News from Melodie cont'd; Thank You to Langruth (Gudrun Einarson) 
      10. Thank you for Gudrun Einarson cont'd 
      11. Gudrun Einarson (nee Thordarson) obituary 
      12. Langruth Community Calendar - December 2005  

      Portage Herald: 

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